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Baccarat - A game for the sophisticated gambler. Surprise your guests with this exotic casino game!

Baccarat is a very simple casino game to learn and tons of fun to play! There are just two principal bets to make: banker or player. The bets correlate with the player hand and the banker hand. Your only decision is which of the two hands will come closest to the value of 9. 2-9 are at face value, aces are 1, and 10's and face cards have no value. There are other small nuances to playing this game that can be quickly and easy taught to your party guests. Our professional dealers will cheerfully teach you all you need to know in order to win big!

Baccarat Dimensions: L-76, W-40, H-38 ( in )
Number of players at the table up to-6
We work at any location in Greater Vancouver area!
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