Ultimate Texas Hold 'Em Poker

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Ultimate Texas Hold'Em-Captivating casino game played just like Texas Hold'Em, but you play against the house. The more people winning at your table the more electrifying and fun!

Looking for a game of champions?! This is a lively and sociable casino card game that mesmerizes party guests for hours. The time will fly as you route on your friends and other party guests while playing your own hand. This casino game is just like Texas Hold'Em except you're playing against the house. Other alluring side bets such as "trips" can be placed that will undoubtedly heighten your gambling experience. As always, our professional dealers with quickly and easily familiarize you with these aspects of the game. Come to this table ready for some crazy fun!

Ultimate Texas Hold'Em Dimensions: L-76, W-40, H-38 ( in )
Number of players at the table up to - 6
We work at any location in Greater Vancouver area!
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