Let It Ride Poker

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Let it Ride - The attractive features of this game include the potential for high payouts, the camaraderie that occurs develops between players at the table, and the fun atmosphere that surrounds this card game!

Let it Ride Poker is played on a table similar to a BlackJack table. One difference in this intriguing game of poker is that you're not playing against the other players. Because of this, be prepared for lots of excitement, laughter, and high 5's! Each player places three equal bets on the three spots in front of them. Each player is then dealt three cards. The dealer then deals two community cards face down. Based on your cards you then decide if you want to pull back one of your bets or "Let It Ride" ! The dealer then shows one of his cards that you can use to make your hand even better. If you don't think you can win you can pull back another bet! If you feel you're cards are strong then "Let It Ride" !!! The last community card is then turned up face up and the winners are determined. To win you need to have a pair of 10's or better. The better the hand, the higher the payout!

Let It Ride Dimensions: L-76, W-40, H-38 (in)
Number of players at the table up to-7
We work at any location in Greater Vancouver area!
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